SOA Suite 12c: Dynamically overriding attributes of static routing rules in Mediator component

Routing Rules in a Mediator component carry several attributes that govern the routing rule run time behavior. These include: XSLT or XQuery used for transformation, the filter expression, target operation, the parallel or sequential indicator, the Schematron document used for validation, the native validation and the value assignment (for example for header properties).


In SOA Suite 12c, we can conditionally set overriding values for each of these attributes. That means that at run time, based on the evaluation of some expression against the contents of the request message (or the time of the day, day of the week,…) , we can use a different transformation stylesheet or assign a different header value. This dynamic override of the static rule definition is configured using the Override Using option – shown last in the figure overhead.

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The Mobilization of the SOA Suite – the rise of REST

Presentation from the Oracle and AMIS co-organized ADF Enterprise Mobility Conference (21-23 May 2014). Web Oriented Architecture (WOA) and Mobile Oriented Architecture (MOA) are terms coined for the architecture backing modern HTML 5 web applications (rich client/thin server) as well as mobile applications. A pivotal part of WOA and MOA is a layer of services that exposes relevant aspects – both data and functions – of enterprise systems, in a standardized fashion that can easily be consumed. RESTful services using JSON for message payloads are commonly preferred for this. The next generation of the SOA Suite has cloud integration, JSON processing and REST-services as one of its core themes. In this session, we will discuss how a MOA & WOA is designed and how the Oracle SOA Suite & Service Bus – both the current 11g and the upcoming 12c release – can be used to create the services layer.