Generate Docker Containerized Run Time and Design Time for Oracle StreamExplorer, Event Processor and JDeveloper using Vagrant, Puppet and VirtualBox

The objective of this article: prepare an environment for experimenting with Oracle StreamExplorer using two Docker containers inside a Linux VM running on my Windows laptop. And with the smallest number of manual steps possible – as to make the environment provisioning process highly repeatable.

In recent weeks, I have published a number of articles, investigating pieces of the puzzle that come together in today’s challenge. After general introductions of the combination of Vagrant and Docker – First steps with provisioning of Docker containers using Vagrant as provider and Vagrant and Docker – Next and Advanced steps with folders, ports, volumes, linking and more – that explained how Vagrant can be used on a Windows host to easily build, run and manage Docker containers – I discussed a number of more advanced topics such as the use of Puppet to do complex environment provisioning for the Docker containers – Vagrant and Docker followed by Puppet to provision complex environments – and how to configure and containers with GUI applications – Vagrant, Docker, VirtualBox and the Graphical Desktop for GUI applications in Docker Containers.

I have also discussed at length how to install OEP – using Puppet and without using Puppet: Generation of VM image for Oracle Event Processor and Stream Explorer using Vagrant and Puppet and Oracle StreamExplorer and Oracle Event Processor – installation instructions to quickly get going.


With all these findings under my belt, I felt ready to take on the challenge.

This article describes what I did and what the final result was – as visualized in this figure:


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Rapid creation of Virtual Machine(s) for SOA Suite 12.1.3 server run time environment – leveraging Vagrant, Puppet and Biemond

imageIn recent previous articles I have discussed the use of Vagrant and Puppet for the automated creation of Virtual Machines, for example with various Oracle software components completely installed into them. In this article, I am merely the consumer of goodies. Edwin Biemond published on GitHub the complete set of Vagrant and Puppet configuration files for creating VMs with the SOA Infra database (Oracle Database, populated with the RCU installer) and the SOA Suite 12.1.3 run time environment – including Service Bus, see: WebLogic 12.1.3 infra (JRF) with SOA,OSB.

In this article, I will describe the steps I took to actually produce the two VMs using Edwin’s scripts. The visual description of the whole process looks something like the next figure:


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