Generate Docker Containerized Run Time and Design Time for Oracle StreamExplorer, Event Processor and JDeveloper using Vagrant, Puppet and VirtualBox

The objective of this article: prepare an environment for experimenting with Oracle StreamExplorer using two Docker containers inside a Linux VM running on my Windows laptop. And with the smallest number of manual steps possible – as to make the environment provisioning process highly repeatable.

In recent weeks, I have published a number of articles, investigating pieces of the puzzle that come together in today’s challenge. After general introductions of the combination of Vagrant and Docker – First steps with provisioning of Docker containers using Vagrant as provider and Vagrant and Docker – Next and Advanced steps with folders, ports, volumes, linking and more – that explained how Vagrant can be used on a Windows host to easily build, run and manage Docker containers – I discussed a number of more advanced topics such as the use of Puppet to do complex environment provisioning for the Docker containers – Vagrant and Docker followed by Puppet to provision complex environments – and how to configure and containers with GUI applications – Vagrant, Docker, VirtualBox and the Graphical Desktop for GUI applications in Docker Containers.

I have also discussed at length how to install OEP – using Puppet and without using Puppet: Generation of VM image for Oracle Event Processor and Stream Explorer using Vagrant and Puppet and Oracle StreamExplorer and Oracle Event Processor – installation instructions to quickly get going.


With all these findings under my belt, I felt ready to take on the challenge.

This article describes what I did and what the final result was – as visualized in this figure:


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