Runtime Configuration and Fault Recovery

(Chapter 23, section 2)

Many of the non-functional aspects of applications running in the SOA Suite can be configured at runtime, primarily through the EM FMW Control console, the WebLogic Server Admin console and the Service Bus console. Through for example WLST scripts, some of the runtime configuration tasks can be automated.

Some functional aspects of the SOA Suite applications can be changed at runtime as well, depending to what extent such customization has been designed and implemented into these application. Through the use of for example SCA properties, Domain Value Maps and Business Rules that can all be manipulated at runtime, many functions can be created with built in customizability. Applying functional changes at runtime is not without risks: if a change is applied that has not been thoroughly tested (and even when it has) can affect the functionality of services and business processes in unintended, harmful ways.

This figure shows some the topics discussed in this section and how they apply to a SOA Composite.


This figure shows the EM FMW Control page where Bulk Recovery of failed SOA Composite instances can be performed:



Supporting Resources

The sources for this section are found in folder ch23.

Blog article by Ram Kancharla – Manual Recovery Mechanisms in Oracle SOA Suite 11g


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