Debugging, Refactoring & Testing

(Chapter 22 – Section 1)

Initially in a development cycle, many developers will focus on producing software that does the job. Hands down coding, quick development/deployment round trips in their local environment. At some point, when the code seems to be working, there will be more room for quality aspects such as naming conventions, project structure, adherence to quality standards and an inspection of less trivial and non-happy flows through the software. Of course attention to these aspects should not be left to a late stage – but to some extent it typically does happen. SOA Suite provides a number of facilities in JDeveloper that are very useful for these activities: the integrated debugger, various refactoring options, SOA composite test suites and the audit framework.

This section describes how to work with these facilities.

Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in the folders under ch22.

SonarQube Plugin for JDeveloper Audit rules

The Cattle Crew blog – Test-driven development using the Oracle SOA Suite


Test and Debug SOA Composite Applications

Auditing and Debugging SOA Composite applications

Debugging Service Bus projects

Automating Testing of SOA Composite Applications

Run SOA Composite Test Suites from EM FMW Control

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