Customization per Environment

(Chapter 22 – Section 3)

SOA composite applications as well as Service Bus projects will be deployed to environments that will be similar but probably not equal. Development and various testing and production environments will use different servers with possibly different ports, directory structures, polling times, and different values for other properties that govern the behavior of service components or adapter services as well as different security policies. Also, some environments will be configured for high availability, will have additional components such as Web Servers and will be clustered or have different transactions settings and so on. This might influence the configuration settings for non-concurrent adapters.

The archive that gets deployed consists of the sources as they have been developed. However, during deployment a configuration plan (for SOA composite application) or a customization file (for Service Bus projects) can also be applied. These are used to customize the artifacts at deployment time with environment-specific values as they apply to the deployment target environment. This section introduces configuration plans and customization files.

Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in the folders under ch22.

Maarten Smeets: using tokens in SOA composite (composite.xml) element

Maven 3.0 – Built-In properties

Ronald van Luttikhuizen: generate Service Bus customization file from WLST script


Customization of SOA Composite Applications

Customization of Service Bus projects using Configuration Files

Creating Tokens for Use in the Binding URLs of External References (design time) and Managing Global Tokens in the runtime environment

WLST Command References for Fusion Middleware 12.1.3

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