Build Automation with Maven

(Chapter 22 – Section 2)

SOA Suite and Fusion Middleware provide support for enterprises that adopt continuous integration techniques to develop applications. This support ranges from integration with source code control systems such as Subversion and Git, the ability to perform operations such as compile, package and deploy from the command line in a way that can easily be scripted and features to parametrize the deployment packages. Most of the support for continuous integration hinges on use of and integration with Maven.

In this section, we will use Maven to automate the build process of SOA Suite artifacts – from compilation to deployment. In the next section, we will introduce the mechanisms for environment specific customization. The scope of this book does not allow an introduction of Maven and all it entails. The book’s website provides some references to resources that can help you get started.

Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in the folders under ch22.

Edwin Biemond blog: setting up your environment for Maven support for 12.1.3 Service Bus & SOA Suite artifacts

Roger Goossen blog: first steps with Maven Support for SOA Suite 12c & BPM Suite 12c Fusion Middleware 12c – Embracing the power of Maven

Mark Nelson – New Maven Support in SOA 12c, Creating a SOA Composite application from the Maven Archetype (on the command line, then edit it in JDeveloper and build & deploy it using Maven), Add a Human Task interface to the Maven configuration

Demo (movie) of using Maven 3 with SOA Suite 12c (including Git and Hudon)

Maven 3.0 – Built-In properties


Continuous Integration in Fusion Middleware

Using the Oracle SOA Suite Development Maven Plug-In -

Building Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Projects with Maven

Building Oracle Service Bus Projects with Maven

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