Templates in SOA Suite – SOA Composites and Service Pipelines

Templates are one of the vehicles in SOA Suite 12c that facilitate reuse. Through templates – developers have a head start with the development of new components, because part of the implementation is already available in the template. From a governance point of view, in addition to the reuse advantage there is another important benefit to be had: templates provide a structure for the component based on that template – and of course this structure could and should be the best practice defined by the organization. As such, the template provides the blueprint or the mold for the way implementations should be created. Templates are usually semi-finished products that are to be completed through configuration and further implementation. However, they can also provide complete, ready-made building blocks – for example to take care of validation, logging, exception handling or other fairly generic functions in Service Bus projects or SOA composites.

SOA Suite has templates for Service Bus pipelines and for SOA composite projects, Service Components (such as BPEL processes and Mediators) and custom BPEL activities. This section describes how to create these templates, how to use them and how to manage them.

Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in the folders under ch21.

Zeeshan Baig’’s blog – Re-using SOA Composites using Templates

Vivek Garg – Service Bus 12c Pipeline Template and SOA 12c Templates

Anshul Mittal on DZone – Pipeline Templates in Oracle Service Bus 12c

Video:  (Oracle Learning Library) Oracle SOA Suite 12c – Leveraging the New SOA Project Templates


SOA Suite Templates and Reusable Subprocesses

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