Chapter 21 – Reuse, MDS, Versioning, Governance

This chapter scratches the governance iceberg by discussing some of the key topics. Organizing reuse of shared, common assets using the SOA Suite MDS facility and a counterpart approach for Service Bus projects is one of these. The use and management of templates to provide blueprints and stepping stones to boost and guide development is another of the topics discussed. Versioning of services is introduced – a key aspect of life cycle management and an important challenge in any SOA environment. Some of the facilities and common practices in SOA Suite are covered.

The chapter talks about granularity – common topic in the SOA discourse: how big should components be, in order to strike the right balance in reuse potential and manageability? The notion of partitions as a logical clustering of SOA composites that even provides some management features is briefly touched upon. Finally, some tools are listed that may support governance processes.

Sections in this chapter:

Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 21 Sources.

Additional Resources

Supporting Resources

Blog article by Lucas Jellema: SOA Suite 12c: Inspect and Leverage the contents of the Run Time MDS in the Integrated WLS


Management of SOA Suite Partitions

SOA Suite Templates and Reusable Subprocesses

Managing Shared Data with the Design-Time MDS Repository

Administration: Manage the state of SOA Composite Applications

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