Part 6 – DevOps & Run Time Admin

Part 6 contains these chapters:

In the final part Part VI – “DevOps & Run Time Administration” – we switch gear a little. In parts II through V, we have primarily discussed the design and development of custom software to be deployed on the SOA Suite. In this part, we focus on the supporting software engineering processes that help govern and facilitate the creation of the custom software components as well as their delivery from development through test to production. This part discusses reuse of artifacts through MDS (the Meta Data Services), the mechanisms available for versioning and some suggested practices for governance. Subsequently, the facilities are discussed for automated building, testing and deploying of SOA Suite artifacts– for example using Maven.

Administrative responsibilities are an important topics in this chapter. The Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control and its features to support runtime operations are introduced – for example monitoring of SLAs, workload and performance, exception handling, meta-data purging and the extensive logging infrastructure in SOA Suite and WebLogic. The final subject in this part – and indeed the book – is security. The security of the SOA Suite runtime infrastructure and protection of its metadata is one aspect that is discussed. The protection of services from unauthorized access and the confidentiality and integrity of the messages that are exchanged is another one, both for the services exposed from the SOA Suite as well as those invoked from it. The interaction with OPSS (Oracle Platform Security Services) and the OWSM (Oracle Web Services Manager) features prominently in this discussion.

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