Process Analytics in BPM processes exposed through BAM

Oracle BPM Suite is well equipped to provide operational insight in its proceedings to business operators and process owners. Throughout the execution of BPM process instances, data is collected that can be used to monitor in flight instances or to analyze recently completed instances. With simple switches, we can influence the level detail to be recorded for each process instance – as well as the instance specific meta data to be recorded.

The Business Process Analytics support in BPM is very similar to what we have discussed in the previous section for BPEL. Business Process Analytics enables you to monitor the performance of your deployed processes. The BAM data objects and prebuilt dashboards coincide and the design time part of it is very similar as well. Additionally, BPM offers the Process Monitor, a visualization of a BPM process with an overlay of the metrics collected for each step in the process.

n this section we will briefly discuss the design steps to configure process analytics for BPMN processes as well as an example of the run time results.

This figure visualizes the BPMN process at the end of this section, with business indicators added to it, as implemented in the sources in AirportAccreditationService-step12.


This next figure shows the out of the box Process Dashboard based on the analytics published from the BPMN process:


Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder AirportAccreditationService-step12. The starting point is in AirportAccreditationService-step11.


Monitor BPM – BPM Workspace & Process Analytics,also: Process Monitor

Steps to enable enable Process Metrics (disable MBean

BAM – Documentation Home

BAM Command Line facility

BAM WebServices

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