BPEL Process Analytics reported using BAM

Both the BPEL and BPM process engines are prepared to deliver process analytics to a set of BAM data objects. With just a few declarative steps, we can configure any BPEL process to report details about its execution to this BAM environment. As part of the out of the box installation, BAM contains a number of prebuilt business queries, business views and dashboards on top of these data objects that provide a lot of operational and tactical insight in the business process activities.

In this section we will first configure the AirportAccreditationProcessor for the out of the box process analytics. We will review some of the shipped reports to see the information we have access to without hardly any effort at all. Next, we will create a few process specific business indicators and see how we can leverage those in several custom BAM queries, KPIs and views that we can combine in a custom dashboard.

This figure visualizes the BPEL process at the end of this section, with some sensors added to it, as implemented in the sources in AirportAccreditationService-step11.


This next figure shows the BAM Dashboard based on the analytics published from the BPEL process:


Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder AirportAccreditationService-step11. The starting point is in AirportAccreditationService-step10.


Using  BPEL Process Manager Sensors and Analytics

BAM – Documentation Home

BAM Command Line facility

BAM WebServices

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