Chapter 20 – Insight into Business Process execution

This chapter discusses monitoring at the functional, business end of the spectrum. We will look at the mechanisms in BPEL and BPMN for exposing relevant meta data about individual process instances that help track and understand what is happening. This kicks off with sensors and sensor actions in BPEL processes that complement the composite sensors we first met in chapter 5. Sensors record data in a database schema that is exposed at instance level in the EM FMW Control. Primarily for aggregation across instances, that data can be accessed using plain SQL and any programming language or reporting tool that speaks SQL. The sensors can also publish findings to JMS, for real time, cross instance processing for example in OEP or for reporting in BAM.

We then discuss process analytics in both BPEL and BPMN processes – fine grained aspects of process instances that are gathered at run time into a star data object schema. This data object schema is hosted in the BAM infrastructure. BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) provides an extensive set of dashboards and visualizations that provide insight in these process analytics.

By adding business process specific information to the process analytics mix, we are able to create custom BAM reports that go beyond the generic dashboards’ focus and provide context and additional detail. This chapter shows how to configure the BPEL and BPMN processes to publish these custom meta data elements and how to leverage them in custom BAM visualizations and KPIs.

We will also look the creation of our own data objects that can capture any data to be used to create even more custom reports and visualizations. BAM for example is frequently used to capture events from JMS channels and use them for near real-time reporting and alerting.

Sections in this chapter:

This figure shows the development of a dashboard BAM on top of the process analytics published from a BPEL or BPMN process.


Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 20 sources.

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