Airport Accreditation Request handling in a BPMN process

This section introduces BPMN for the design and implementation of a business process – as an alternative to BPEL.

We will take the SOA composite AirportAccreditationService (that was developed in the chapter 18) and use a BPMN component to implement what in the previous chapter was done in the security checks stage in the BPEL process. Note that it is not common of course to first implement a business process and BPEL and then do it again in BPMN. It is done here to clearly show how BPMN adds support for true business process modelling and implementation on top of the components available in Oracle SOA Suite 12c – which is the real subject of this book.

This figure visualizes the BPMN process at the end of this section, as implemented in the sources in AirportAccreditationService-step7.


Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder AirportAccreditationService-step7. The starting point is in AirportAccreditationService-step6 of the sources for chapter 18.

Blog Article explaining the Complex Gateway used to cut short a series or parallel flows.

Blog article with a detailed discussion of custom correlation in BPM and the use of BPEL in front of or behind BPM to help with correlation.

Blog article explaining the exchange of BPM process definitions between Process Composer and BPM Studio through PAM (Process Asset Manager) (Lucas Jellema)

Blog article about the implementation of BPM instance correlation (using an associated BPEL process to do the actual correlations):


Oracle Business Process Management – 12c

Modifying running instances of BPM processes

Writing BPM (Groovy) Scripts

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