Chapter 19 – Introduction to BPM and ACM

Specifically, this chapter discusses the inbound database adapter mode to spot new or changed database records, the JMS queue listener and the inbound mode for the UMS adapter, that will monitor incoming emails and chat messages.

Sections in this chapter:

These figures illustrate the components to be developed in this chapter.




Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 19 sources.

Supporting On Line Documents and source code

Blog Article explaining the Complex Gateway used to cut short a series or parallel flows.

Blog article with a detailed discussion of custom correlation in BPM and the use of BPEL in front of or behind BPM to help with correlation.

Blog article explaining the exchange of BPM process definitions between Process Composer and BPM Studio through PAM (Process Asset Manager) (Lucas Jellema)

Blog article about the implementation of BPM instance correlation (using an associated BPEL process to do the actual correlations):

Blog article introducing Adaptive Case Management: (Lucas)


Working with WebForms

Modifying running instances of BPM processes

Writing BPM (Groovy) Scripts

Working with Adaptive Case Management

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