Chapter 18 – Business Processes with BPEL

BPEL is short for Business Process Execution Language. So far, we have used BPEL for the creation of composite services and asynchronous, sometimes longer running interactions. We have not really been working from the notion of business processes and certainly not yet in terms that business representatives would understand.

In this chapter we will start from the description of a business process – for the security accreditation of new staff at the airport. This description is turned into the high level design of a BPEL process – using flows and decision logic, human tasks for various actors and event handlers. Finally we will implement the BPEL process.

The objective of this chapter is to get a feel for designing and implementing long running business processes with BPEL. Compensation is introduced in BPEL – used to undo the business effects of earlier process activities when at a later stage the process is interrupted. Additionally, the LDAP adapter is introduced for interaction with LDAP based user directories.

Sections in this chapter:

This figure illustrates the components to be developed in this chapter.



Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 18 sources.

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