Simple Task Seeking Human Approval for Aircraft Service Proposal

In Chapter 12, we discussed a composite service that orchestrates an RFP around aircraft services such as catering, cleaning and fueling. Companies providing such services to aircrafts can participate in RFPs by exposing a Web Service interface called AircraftServiceProvider. This interface accepts a request for a proposal [to deliver specified quantities and qualities of cleaning|catering|fueling|... services to a certain aircraft at a certain point in time]. In an asynchronous callback, the proposal is to be delivered to the composite service orchestrating the RFP.

Previously, we have not discussed how a provider of aircraft services would arrive at such a proposal. The implementation we used in chapter 12 returned a hard coded proposal – which is of course not a very realistic scenario. In the current chapter, we will assume that an automated facility, possibly powered by business rules and some calculation engine, will prepare the proposal. However, it is then up to a human actor – an account manager – to confirm (or reject) that machine generated proposal.


Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder AircraftServices.


Getting Started with Human Workflow

Creating Human Tasks

Configuring Human Tasks

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