Custom Task UI to Handcraft Proposal when rejecting the generated proposal

Rejecting a generated proposal has serious consequences right now: it means a complete exit from the RFP process. That may not necessarily be our intention. Instead, it would be better to be able to create a new task to hand craft a proposal – a task for the account manager to take on and that is initiated when the generated proposal is rejected.

In this section, we will create a new Human Task – assigned to the Account Manager. It uses the same parameters as the AssessProposal task – only this time, the proposal details are editable. This task obviously requires a user interface – one that provides details on the requested aircraft services and that allows the details of the proposal to be edited. We will generate a task form that the worklist application will embed.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder AircraftServices.


Getting Started with Human Workflow

Creating Human Tasks

Configuring Human Tasks

Designing Task Forms for Human Tasks

Using Oracle BPM Worklist

Human Workflow Tutorial

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