Chapter 17 – Human Tasks

For these specific areas and situations, we need humans participating in the processing of composite application instances. And just like all other service engines, for the sake of the SCA engine, humans in a composite should come with a WSDL interface and communication specified in XSD too. And that is what the SOA Suite’s Human Task Service provides: the interface between the services world of the composite application and the people performing activities in the context of the application.

Human tasks typically implement stand-alone tasks around a set of data—potentially with complex escalation, voting, and routing logic. In this chapter, we will focus on defining individual human tasks.We will look at relatively simple decision tasks, at tasks that have custom user interfaces that support manipulation of task payload data, at tasks that can be dealt with by sending an email and at tasks with a complex workflow.

Sections in this chapter:

These figures illustrate the components to be developed in this chapter.




Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 17 sources.

Additional Resources

Blog article about configuring GMail account for Outbound Email in SOA Suite 12c:

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Blog article about configuring actionable email for human tasks in SOA Suite 12c:

Blog article on how to create a user hierarchy in the Embedded LDAP Server in WebLogic (using JXPlorer)

Blog article showing escalation of a human task based on the hierarchy defined in the embedded LDAP directory of WebLogic

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