Part 5 – Processes

Part 5 contains these chapters:

In Part V – “Processes”- we introduce the human actor into the mix. Recognizing that not all activities can be executed by automated service components, the SOA Suite is capable of engaging people. Through the Human Workflow Service, the SOA Suite can have tasks assigned whose result – produced by the human actor(s) – is fed back into the automated process. An end to end business process – either true STP (straight through processing) or involving human activities – is implemented in SOA Suite using the BPEL component. As part of the process that gets implemented, interaction with a user directory is achieved using the LDAP adapter. User accounts are searched and new accounts get created.

A common consideration for organizations with a strong emphasis on automated business process execution is to acquire the Oracle BPM Suite on top of the SOA Suite and use Business Process Management and Adaptive Case Management (defined through BPMN and CMMN). This Part V makes a little excursion from its main scope – Oracle SOA Suite 12c – to discuss the BPM Suite and demonstrate how it facilitates the implementation of complex business processes as well as the notion of unstructured, content and expert-driven processes through case management. Insight into the execution of business processes is usually highly desirable – for operational resource management and problem detection and intervention as well as for longer term process analysis and optimization. This chapter discusses how process analytics can be produced from both BPEL and BPMN processes and how these analytics are reported in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control and in Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). BAM is a standalone product that is included in the SOA Suite 12c license. It can be used to report on the analytics produced from SOA Suite and BPM Suite as well as on other data sources, as is demonstrated in this part.

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