Publish from OEP to EDN

The messages published to the JMS destination can of course be read by inbound JMS adapters in SOA composite applications and then turned into business events on the Event Delivery Network (EDN). However, OEP can publish events directly onto the EDN – as we will see next. Note that OEP also has an inbound EDN adapter that allows it to read and process the business events published on the event delivery network.

The EDN event is defined – as introduced in Chapter 15 – using an EDL file with an associated XSD definition of the payload. These files are imported into the OEP application and referenced from an outbound EDN adapter. A smatter of SQL/XML is added to the CQL query to produce the EDN event’s payload in the right format. A SOA composite application subscribed to the EDN event will be triggered whenever OEP produces the CarParkNearFullEvent.


Supporting Resources

The sources for this next step are found in project CarParking-step5.

Video: Oracle Learning Library, Robin Smith: Oracle Event Processing 12.1.3: Enabling Fraud Detection in SOA Suite


EDN Adapters

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