Consuming EDN events into BPEL – also: composite sensor and correlation

In this section, a BPEL process will subscribe to the AirCarrierSuspended event. When the event is consumed, the BPEL process will retrieve all flight numbers of current flights by that air carrier and will publish their cancellation through the publication of instances of the FlightStatusUpdateEvent.

Subsequently, the AircraftServiceOrchestrator BPEL process that was introduced in chapter 12, will be extended to also consume that event. When it does, it will immediately cease the RFP process it has started for the air carrier. The event is consumed through correlation into a running instance for the air carrier – it does not start a new instance.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folders CarrierWatcher and AircraftServices.

Fanning Out Events on the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Event Delivery Network – article on OTN about correlating a business events into more than one SOA composite instance


Create Composite Sensors on Composites with an EDN Event Subscription

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