Schedule ESS Job from a BPEL process

The ESS Scheduler Web Service can be invoked from SOA composites or Service Bus pipelines. In this section we will see an example of this. The SOA composite PortalSlotRequestProcessor that we created in Chapter 13 to process slot allocation requests submitted from a portal application will be extended. When among the slot allocation requests there are requests for slots in next 48 hours, the composite will instruct ESS to run the CreateCurrentFlightDataPLSQL job that was defined in the previous section.

This ensures that new flights derived from these requests that are to take place in the very near future are also loaded into the current flight tables. This happens asynchronously, outside the SOA Suite and will have very little impact on the execution of the PortalSlotRequestProcessor.





Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder PresentFromFuture.

How to submit a Job Request with ESS from BPEL (invoke the ESS Web Service from a SOA composite application) (blog article by Lucas Jellema)


Using the Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Web Service – invoking ESS from BPEL process to schedule a job

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