Schedule Composite Execution

At Saibot, the Future database [schema] holds data about current and future slot allocations. From the data in this schema, Saibot derives every day the flights that are to take place in the next 24 hours. Details about these flights are loaded into the Present database [schema] that is the source for the flight information system presented to travelers in the terminals, on the web site and in the mobile app. A third database [schema] used by Saibot is called Past. It holds data from flights and aircraft movement as they took place a week or more ago. Every day, data is moved from Present to Past – in order to keep Present -the live operational database – as lean as possible.

The two daily data movements described above are good candidates for scheduled orchestration by ESS. We will focus on the first one. A PL/SQL package is provided in the on line sources that is called with a date parameter and will create the flight records in Present based on the slot allocation details in Future.

Initially, we will create a simple SOA composite application that uses the database adapter to call out to this package. Then we will create an ESS Job Definition for calling the SOA composite and create a job request that associates that job definition to a daily schedule. Subsequently, we will take the SOA composite out of the equation and create a PL/SQL Job Definition to carry out the daily data creation job directly from ESS to PL/SQL.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder PresentFromFuture.


Scheduling Composite Execution in Understanding Oracle SOA Suite

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