Managing Inbound Adapters through ESS Schedules

The Enterprise Scheduler Service supports a number of administration activities around the SOA Suite. Although we will discuss administration in more detail in Part 6, we will look at one particular use case regarding environment management using the ESS.

In the previous chapter, we introduced the inbound database adapter. We have created the PortalSlotRequestProcessor SOA composite that uses a database poller looking for new records in table PORTAL_SLOT_ALLOCATIONS. The polling frequency was set to once every 20 seconds. And that goes on and on for as long as the SOA composite remains deployed and active.

Imagine the situation where every day during a certain period, there is a substantial load on the SOA Suite, and we would prefer to reduce the resource usage from non-crucial processes. Further suppose that the slot allocation requests arriving from the portal are considered not urgent, for example because the business service level agreed with our account managers is that these requests have to be processed within 24 hours – rather than once every 20 seconds. We do not want to create a big batch, and whenever we can, we strive to implement straight through processing. But between 1 and 2 AM on every day, we would like to pause the inbound database adapter.

In this section, we will use the Enterprise Scheduler Service to achieve this. We will create the schedules that trigger at 1 AM every day, used for deactivating the adapter, and 2 AM, used for activating the adapter. In fact, in order to make testing more fun, we will use schedules that trigger at 10 past the hour and 30 past the hour. These schedules are then associated in the Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control with the inbound database adapter binding PortalSlotRequestPoller.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder InboundProcessing.

Blog article SOA Suite 12c: Using Enterprise Scheduler Service to schedule deactivation and activation of inbound adapter bindings by Lucas Jellema


Oracle JCA Adapter for UMS

Scheduling JCA Adapter Endpoint Activation and Deactivation using Oracle Enterprise Scheduler” in Administering Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite

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