Inbound JMS Adapter

The AircraftMovement messages that were put on the JMS queue in chapter 6 make a reappearance here when through the inbound mode of the JMS adapter, they trigger a Financial Department’s Service Bus service. Note: we are using the JCA adapter for JMS in a Service Bus project, only to see how inbound adapters can be used as easily with Service Bus projects as with SOA composites – there is no special preference from the products themselves to use inbound JCA adapters with one or the other. The Service Bus project can instead of using the JCA adapter for JMS also leverage the JMS Transport in inbound mode – that is a little lighter weight than the JCA based approach.

We will see how to the pipeline in the Service Bus project, it makes absolutely no difference whether its input originates with an inbound adapter or with a more common incoming SOAP request.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder FinancialAircraftMovementProcessor.

Configure JMS resources for Saibot Airport – see article on this blog

A-Team Chronicles – Inside Fusion Middleware 12c: Increasing Scalability with JMS Adapter 12c

A-team Chronicles – Effect of Queue and JCA Settings on Message Retry by JMS Adapter

Edwin Biemond – JMS Request Reply Interaction Pattern in Soa Suite 11g

Oracle Fusion Middleware Blog – JMS Adapter Tutorial


Oracle JCA Adapter for JMS

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