Database polling for staged Slot requests

The database adapter was first introduced in chapter 4. Then we used this adapter to reach out from the Service Bus project or the SOA composite to the database – to invoke PL/SQL stored programs or to query data from tables and views. This adapter also support an inbound mode – where the initiative lies with the adapter instead of with the service. In this section we will use the inbound mode to inspect a table where an external Portal application and an internal application for Saibot’s account managers can write slot requests – database records that represent a desire from an aircraft carrier to take possession of a certain slot.

In this section, we have to develop a SOA composite that will find these slot request records in the database table and process them – making a call to the SlotService for proper registration of the slot allocation in the Future data domain. This composite will poll the table with slot requests. For each record found, a new instance of the SOA composite will be initiated.



Supporting Resources

The sources for the final situation for this section are found in folder InboundProcessing.

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A-Team Chronicles – DB Adapter – Distributed Polling (SKIP LOCKED) Demystified



User’s Guide for Technology Adapters Oracle Database Adapter Features-  Performance Tuning

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