Interacting with Asynchronous Interfaces from BPEL and Service Bus

Exposing and implementing an asynchronous interface requires something extra compared to synchronous services. Invoking these interfaces and preparing for the callback response is even more of a challenge, as we will see in this section when we invoke an asynchronous operation from both a BPEL component as well as a Service Bus project.

The service we will implement using BPEL is called LessThoughtfulGreeterService - it publishes a synchronous interface on top of the asynchronous ThoughtfulGreeterService



We will next implement the same thing using Service Bus – and that turns out to be a little bit more complex:


Supporting Resources

Create an Asynchronous JAX-WS Web Service and call it from Oracle BPEL 11g – Bob Webster’s Blog

Oracle Service Bus, invoke asynchronous webservicesOracle .. Java .. OpenSource .. SOA by Eric Elzinga

Oracle Service Bus: thread blocking evidences, transport level – ATX Systems by Fabio Mazanatti


The starting point sources are in the folder AsynchronousServiceBusApplication-step1 (for the Service Bus application). The end result for this section is in the AsynchronousServiceBusApplication-step2 folder for Service Bus and in LessThoughtfulGreeterService for the SOA Composite with BPEL.



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