Performance and availability boost: add some Coherence powered memory to the FlightService

The FlightService provides the current status for any flight that is scheduled to arrive or depart in a 36 hour time range. It is a crucial service – providing up to date flight information to hundreds of systems and tens of thousands of consumers. It is this service that we want to make faster – and this service that we would like to query the enterprise database far less frequently.

Using the generic component templates that were created in the previous section, we should be able to substantially reduce the load on the enterprise resources by fetching the flight status from the cache most of times. Having achieved that first goal, we have to deal with a second challenge: how to ensure that the cache does not serve information that is no longer valid because it is out of synch with the updated back end.



Supporting Resources

The starting point for this section in terms of JDeveloper projects consists of FlightStatusCacheService_step0 and FlightService_step0.

The end result for this section is in the projects Service Bus service FlightStatusCacheService_step1 (to remove data from cache) and FlightService_step1 (the SOA Composite with the BPEL processes).


Coherence Adapter

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