Introducing cross instance Shared Memory using Coherence

As a first step, we will create a new SOA composite with a simple BPEL process that creates a single string response for a single string request. Producing the response takes 5 seconds – because of a Wait activity in the BPEL process. Into this SOA composite, we introduce two BPEL sub processes that together with a Coherence cache act as the shared memory across instances of the composite. Using Coherence, the sub processes are capable of recording a value associated with a certain key and retrieving a previously registered value.

This cache does not just exist across instances of the same SOA composite, it is also available across different SOA composites, across different applications – including Service Bus and custom Java applications – and across cluster nodes.


Supporting Resources

AMIS Technology Blog (Lucas Jellema): SOA Suite 12c: First steps with the Coherence Adapter to create cross instance state memory

Anthony Reynolds: Coherence Adapter Configuration

AMIS Technology Blog (Maarten Smeets): The Coherence Adapter  

The end result for this section is in QuickAndSlowHello.


Coherence Adapter

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