Using Embedded Java for validation and enrichment

BPEL processes can perform various types of call outs. Through Partner Links, the process can invoke both other components within the SOA composite as well as adapter bindings and references to external services. Similar to Java Call Outs in Service Bus, BPEL process can also use the Embedded Java activity.

In this section we will look at the first of three types of interactions:

  • Embedded Java activity calling to a custom Java Class to calculate the number of flights
  • Partner Link that connects to a reference to an external service to find the slot with which to associate the scheduled flight
  • Partner Link that connects to another service component in the SOA composite to check if the airline is not blacklisted with the finance department

Supporting Resources

Blog Article: Lucas Jellema – Developing and deploying Java Embedding activity in BPEL 2.0 in SOA Suite 11g calling a custom Java Class that has dependencies on 3rd party libraries

The starting point for this section is application FlightScheduleServiceSOA_step3. The end result is in FlightScheduleServiceSOA_step4.


Incorporating Java and Java EE Code in a BPEL Process


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