Creating and Using a Component Template for a BPEL process

In this section, we are going to take a BPEL component in a stand alone SOA Composite application, and turn it into a Component Template that we publish to be reused across different projects. Note that unlike a Service Bus pipeline template, there is no lasting relationship between the template and components derived from the template. Using a SOA component template is more like a complex copy and paste operation than an inheritance definition.

Next, we will create a new BPEL component in the FlightScheduleService composite, based on this template. The new component is wired to the existing FlightScheduleProcessor component and invoked from the last remaining empty scope CheckAirlineWithFinancialDepartment. This in turn completes the ProcessingAndRoutingScope.


Supporting Resources

Joe Greenwald (blog Insights from an Oracle University Classroom) – Oracle SOA Suite 12c New Features: Creating SOA Project Templates for Reusing SOA Composite Designs

The starting point for this section is application FlightScheduleService_step5. The end result is in FlightScheduleService_step6.


Introduction to SOA Suite Templates

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