Add a Template based Logging Pipeline

In this section, we will first create a template for a logging pipeline. The template predefines a number of elements that perform logging in the way Saibot Airport considers desirable practice. By simply including a pipeline based on this template as the first step in each Service Bus project following the proxy service, developers ensure that they adhere to the logging guidelines. Some aspects of the logging pipeline have to be configured for the specific project – such as the logic to determine if the service request was processed successfully and the actual contents to include in log-entries.

We will then use this pipeline template in the FlightScheduleService to quickly add logging functionality.


Supporting Resources

Supporting Screenshots for Chapter 7 – part 4 – Add a Template based Logging Pipeline 

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Blog Article: Siva’s Blog – Service Bus 12c – Creating Pipeline Template

Blog Article: Hugo Hendriks – Creating a template in Oracle Service Bus 12C


Working with Pipeline Templates

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