Invoke Text-to-Speech and Write to Dropbox

In this section we will wire together a number of Spring components and inject services into them. Together these components will implement the following functionality:

  • Turn the FlightUpdateNotification into the text for an announcement
  • Turn the announcement into an MP3 stream using the Google Text To Speech API
  • Put the MP3 file for the announcement in the Airport’s Public Dropbox folder (and return a direct link to it)

Using this combined functionality, we can extend the FlightUpdateNotificationService with a new channel that publishes a public tweet regarding the flight status change with a link to the audio file.



Supporting Resources

Blog article by Jeff Chien: Google Translate Text To Speech With Java

Steps to register application for Dropbox.

Download Dropbox Java SDK

Code of the Day: How to post a Tweet in Java using Twitter REST API and Twitter4J Library

The starting point sources are in the folder FlightUpdateNotificationService_step1. The end result for this section is in the FlightUpdateNotificationService_step2 folder.



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