Chapter 10 – Embedding Custom Logic using Java and Spring Component

In this chapter, the Spring component is introduced. This is a first class citizen in the SCA fabric of SOA composites, along with BPEL, Mediator, Business Rules and Human Task components that are discussed in subsequent chapters. This component allows custom Java classes and 3rd party Java libraries to be easily integrated into SOA composite applications. We will discuss use of the Twitter4J library for interacting with Twitter as well as the Java SDK for Dropbox.

An important component in this chapter is the Mediator component. We will discuss how a mediator can forward a response it has received to another service component – instead of returning a response message. The mediator can make use of simple assign values steps to construct the routed message, instead of XSL or XQuery based transformations.

Parts in this chapter:

This figure illustrates the components to be developed in this chapter.


Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 10 sources.

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