Feeding the Financial Queue through JMS

Outbound interaction with a JMS destination from Service Bus (JMS Transport or JMS Adapter) and SOA composite applications (JMS Adapter) is the topic of this part. The next figure shows the final result achieved in this section.


Book Complements

Configuring the Outbound JMS Adapter Binding FinanceAircraftMovementsReporterJCA – Complement to Chapter 6

Alternative implementation of AircraftMovementService with JCA JMS Adapter in SOA composite application – Complement to Chapter 6

Supporting Resources

Instructions for configuring the JMS resources are here: article on this blog (how to set up JMS Server, JMS Module, Connection Factory, JMS Topic/Queue.

Homepage QBrowser for GlassFish JMS / WebLogic MQ

HermesJMS HomepageClick this logo to return to the home page


Oracle JCA Adapter for JMS

Service Bus – JMS Transport Configuration Reference

Overview of JMS and WebLogic Server

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