Expose Inbound EJB interfaces

Services exposed from the SOA Suite – whether they are implemented through Service Bus or SOA composites – can be exposed in various ways. Wwe will look at exposing the service as an EJB over RMI. Both Service Bus projects – using the JEJB transport – and SOA composites – through the EJB adapter– can easily be exposed as EJBs. Consumers of these services interact with such EJBs like they do with regular EJBs – no specific SOA Suite aspects are involved.

Largely through an online complement to chapter 6, this section describes how to expose both the AircraftMovementService Service Bus project and the AircraftMovementServiceSOAComposite through an EJB interface, next to their existing web service end-points. It introduces various inbound EJB interaction styles supported by the SOA Suite: inbound JEBJ Transport, the inbound EJB adapter and the direct binding facility.



Book Complements

Expose Inbound EJB interfaces on top of SOA Suite – JEJB Transport for Service Bus and inbound EJB Adapter and Direct Binding API – Complement to Chapter 6

Supporting Resources



Using the JEJB Transport

Integrating Enterprise JavaBeans with Composite Applications

Using Direct Binding to Invoke Composite Services

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