Extending the ConversionService: Using XQuery as alternative to XSLT, Validation of Request Messages, Fault Handling, Composite Sensors for identification of individual instances

This part introduces XQuery as an alternative to XSLT for transformation of messages. Validation of request messages in the Mediator comes up next, either using the XSD Schema Definition or using the more advanced Schematron definitions. Fault handling in SOA composites is introduced – to deal with validation errors. And finally, to aid our run time understanding of the instances of the SOA composite application, Composite Sensors are used to add meta data to these instances.


Supporting Resources

Blog: Emiel Paasschens – Business Validation in Oracle SOA Suite 11g using Schematron

W3Schools – XQuery Tutorial

Blog: Robert van Mölken – SOA Suite 12c: New visual editor for creating Fault Policies

Blog: Demed L’Her – Improve visibility with end-to-end tracing and composite sensors


Using Oracle Mediator Error Handling

Defining Composite Sensors

Mediator – How to Use Semantic Validation with Schematron

Creating Transformations with the XQuery Mapper

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