Chapter 3 – Exposing SOAP and REST services using Service Bus

Chapter 3 introduces the Service Bus component in SOA Suite 12c. The key objectives of the Service Bus are discussed. A first basic service is developed – for converting temperature values from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The proxy service and pipeline are introduced – as is the manipulation of data using transformations. The first steps with validation and exception handling are discussed. Tracking service execution and monitoring with alerts and message reports is applied. Business Services to engage external systems and services are introduced – along with an introduction of load balancing/fail over services through multiple endpoints. Finally, the chapter shows how to expose the functionality as a REST service with JSON payload.


The figure shows the Service Bus project that is implemented in this chapter.

Sources for this chapter can be found on Github: Chapter 3 Sources.

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  1. Hi we are trying to expose soap services as rest in SOA Suite can you please provide some reference material.


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