Chapter 2 – Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware and SOA Suite 12c


This chapter provides a general introduction of SOA Suite 12c and its role within the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack, as well as the overall vision of Oracle regarding its portfolio and the part FMW plays in that vision. Saibot Airport is after all betting its future on FMW. This chapter will provide some insight as to why it is doing so.


Parts in this Chapter:

  • Oracle Technology Stack
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware (History, Fusion, Cloud,)
  • Overview of SOA Suite 12c
  • Getting Started with SOA Suite 12c (how to set up the development and runtime environment, how to develop and deploy the first hello world application)


Supporting Resources

Downloads for SOA Suite:

Blog post by Guido Schmutz – Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12c Quick Start Distribution -

Blog post by Lucas Jellema – Rapid creation of Virtual Machine(s) for SOA Suite 12.1.3 server run time environment – leveraging Vagrant, Puppet and Biemond

Oracle Documentation

Oracle Fusion Middleware Download, Installation, and Configuration ReadMe

Installing SOA Suite and Business Process Management Suite Quick Start for Developers

Installation Guide for Stand Alone installation of SOA Suite and BPM Suite

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