Part 1 – Setting the Stage

Part 1 contains these chapters:

Part I – “Setting the Stage” – introduces the case of Saibot Airport and the business and IT challenges it faces. The path the airport has laid down for itself in order to create its future and the IT architecture and technology it has selected is discussed along with the core concepts that make up Service-Oriented Architecture. The history of Oracle Fusion Middleware is described as well as its current status. The focus then moves to a detailed overview of SOA Suite 12c, its main constituents and closely associated products such as Managed File Transfer, API Catalog, API Manager, B2B and Healthcare. This part concludes with a very quick start-up instruction which includes the installation of SOA Suite 12c development environment, ready for the creation and deployment of the HelloWorld equivalent in SOA applications.

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    • Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for your comment. I am in the final stages – and I hope the book will be done by March 2015.

      kind regards

    • Hi Sascha,

      Thanks for your kind comment! Most of the exercises/samples can be done using the developer edition (the integrated WLS server in JDeveloper). Some chapter – for example those on BAM OEP – require FMW platform components to be installed. For some of the adapters – such as Database, AQ, Coherence and LDAP – you also need to install additional software. Finally, some features – for example SOA Composer – are not available in the developer install or have impaired functionality. However – most of the examples in the book will run fine on QS installation. Note that I have (most of the times) specified in the book and on the supporting website when the QS environment is not sufficient.

      kind regards,


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