Configuring Outbound Database Adapter binding for Data Querying – Chapter 4

This article shows the detail steps that are described in Chapter 4 – Section Retrieving information from the database. This article assumes that the setup of the database has been done according to: .

First design time, in JDeveloper.

Configure JDBC Data Source to the SAIBOT database schema

Specify the Managed Server(s) to which the Data Source should be deployed:

Configure Database Adapter Connection

Now configure the DB Adapter Connection with a reference to the JDBC Data Source that we created earlier on to connect to the Saibot Database schema.

You may have to Stop and Start the Database Adapter for this configuration to have effect. You may even have to bounce the managed server. I have seen different behavior – and none seem predictable.

Test the Business Service from JDeveloper or the Service Bus Console:

This response to a test of the Business Service indicates that a restart is needed:

The proper response will look like this:

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