Configuring AQ Database Objects, JDBC Data Source and AQ Adapter Connection – Complement to Chapter 6

In Chapter 6, we introduce the AQ Adapter for outbound interaction with (i.e. publication to) an Advanced Queue in an Oracle Database. This article provides supporting details for the configuration of the AQ objects in the database as well as the WebLogic configuration of JDBC Data Source and AQ Adapter connection.

This article is supported by another article about the preparation of the database for the Saibot Airport demo environment.

Create Database User with Appropriate Privileges

The referenced article provides the scripts for creating the user (as SYS, SYSTEM or some other DBA user) and the AQ objects themselves. Here are screenshots of executing the two sets of statements:

and creating the AQ itself:

Configure the JDBC Data Source for the SAIBOT_FINANCE schema

Configuring a JDBC data source is done in the WebLogic Admin Console. This data source should have a JNDI name set to jdbc/SaibotFinanceDS.





Configuration of the AQ Adapter Connection

Find the AQ Adapter deployment in the summary of deployments.

Click on this deployment to go to the Settings. Open the Configuration tab and within that the Outbound Connections Pool.

Click on the New button, to create a new connection.

Another two step wizard, in which you accept the default and only Outbound Connection Group on the first page and set the JNDI name for this new connection on the second page.

This name will be referenced from the outbound Adapter binding in the service implementation. Set the name to eis/aq/SaibotFinance.

Press Finish to complete the creation of the connection.

The Save Deployment Assistant may appear, to have these changes in the configuration of the AQ Adapter saved in a new deployment plan. Set the name of the plan to AQPlan.xml and press OK to have the plan saved.

Next, return to the Properties tab for the connection.

The DataSourceName or XADataSourceName (depending on how you created the data source – XADataSource if you accepted the default driver) property has to be set with the JNDI name of the data source:


Press enter and press the Save button.


Now to ensure the new AQ Adapter connection is available for use, update the AqAdapter deployment, as shown in Figure 6-32.

Press Next, then Finish.

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