Alternative implementation of AircraftMovementService with JCA JMS Adapter in SOA composite application – Complement to Chapter 6

The JCA adapter for JMS is also available with SOA composites, but the JMS Transport is not. Creating a SOA composite that is functionally equivalent to the AircraftMovementService Service Bus project

turns out very simple indeed, using the exact same JCA Adapter configuration. The steps for this :

  1. Create a SOA composite project – for example called AircraftMovementServiceSOAcomposite. Select the application template with Mediator. Call the Mediator AircraftMovementMediator. Define the interface later.
  2. Copy the AircraftMovementService.wsdl plus the associated XSDs from the AircraftMovementService Service Bus project to the folders WSDLs and Schemas respectively in the SOA composite project.
  3. Open the editor for the mediator component. Click on the green plus icon for the WSDL URL and select the AircraftMovementService.wsdl file, to indicate that the mediator exposes the AircraftMovementsServicePortType interface.
  4. Drag the exposed service from the mediator and drop it on the Exposed Services lane, thus creating the composite level service interface.
  5. Drag the JMS adapter from the Technology category in the components palette and drop it in the External References lane.
  6. The by now familiar JMS Adapter configuration wizard appears. Set the same values as before, in the context of the Service Bus composite.

    The name of the reference is FinanceAircraftMovementsReporterJCA.

    Select the Oracle Enterprise Messaging Service JMS provider and specify the Oracle WebLogic JMS option on page two.

    Select the AppServer connection to the Integrated WLS.
    Select Import an existing WSDL and use AircraftMovementService.wsdl.

    Set the Operation Type to Produce Message.

    On the Produce Operation Parameters page, browse for jms/finance/AircraftMovementsQueue for the Destination Name. Accept the defaults for Message Body Type (Text Message) and Delivery Mode (Persistent). Set the TimeToLive to 15 seconds. Set the JNDI Name [of the JMS Adapter Connection] to eis/Finance/Queue.

    Accept other defaults and then click Finish to complete the adapter’s configuration.

  7. Wire the mediator component to the JMS Adapter binding. This creates a routing rule in the mediator that routes request messages arriving at the exposed AircraftMovementService’s reportAircraftMovement operation to the report operation on the FinanceAircraftMovementsReporterJCA outbound adapter binding.

This completes the SOA composite.

Deploy the composite. Then test the service, for example through the EM FMW Control.

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